It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.



It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

Never stop learning because life never stop Teaching

Never stop learning because life never stop Teaching

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

The laser influences the skin influenced by skin break out

The laser influences the skin influenced by skin break out

The laser radiation is coordinated at the individual influenced skin, consequently it is vital, it doesn't hurt solid tissue. In the meantime laser treatment lessens the movement of the sebaceous organs, advances fast mending of wounds, enhance blood flow, standardization of sebum generation.

In patients with skin inflammation, specialists put three errands:

accomplish complete clinical cure (vanishing of the considerable number of components of skin break out);

avert scarring (post-skin inflammation), or to enhance the state of existing scars;

build up an individual arrangement of preventive measures to keep the improvement of skin inflammation later on.

In the battle with provocative parts utilized technique for non-ablative impact on the bacterial greenery of skin break out foci, in light of the impact of a homogeneous photothermolysis gave by long-beat Nd: YAG laser. The parameters of laser activity:

beat term - 50-100-200 ms;

vitality thickness - 15-50 J/cm2;

breadth of the spot - 4-6 mm.

The procedure utilized for the treatment of all types of skin inflammation at any phase of improvement components. It depends on the retention of protein shell microflora wavelength of 1064 nm with the event bacteriolysis impact; It is utilized both autonomously and as a part of the treatment of skin break out. Amid the method utilized pointing handpiece to take a shot at single things and the scanner S-II for the entire of the influenced region in serious cases. The outflow of a long Nd: YAG 100 laser bars is coordinated to cleansing of foci of skin inflammation. We should recall that laser treatment is not good with the utilization of solutions that expansion photosensitivity.

The decision of the 100 laser bars depends fundamentally on the phase of the infection:

Stage 1 - adequate utilization of Nd: YAG laser, 1-2 medications for every week, course of 8-10 (number of passes - 1-2);

Stage 2 - the primary spot is the utilization of Nd: YAG laser, however the strategies fluctuate: 3-4 techniques every day (number of entries 1-2), then a break in treatment for 3-5 days, trailed by a second course of 8-12 methodology and following 2-4 weeks of utilization joins erbium or CO2 laser;

third stage - the principal long haul treatment of papules, pustular rash course of 10-12 medicines: every day sessions, or with an interim of 3-7 days, which is dictated by the doctor as the patient's skin recuperation (number of entries 3-4), and after that reemerging.

From the above it turns out to be clear that in the treatment of skin inflammation, paying little mind to the main stage is the kind of laser connected fighting incendiary components and afterward joined skin reemerging. In men, skin is more thick than ladies, so they are utilized and higher parameters of laser presentation.

The premise is the utilization of laser restoring a laser bar, which enters into the surface layers of the skin (1-20 microns) and dissipation gives cells. Wipes out the old layers of the epidermis, the skin is recovered, its complete overhaul: subjected to laser introduction collagen filaments invigorate the rise of new fibroblast cells, which thus incorporate new strands.

The accompanying sorts of 100 laser pillars are utilized to treat skin break out: neodymium, erbium, karbondioksidny (CO2), and factional. The radiation vitality erbium laser is gathered in a slight layer of the skin to a profundity of around 1 micron radiation karbondioksidnogo laser enters further - up to 20 microns. The fundamental impact in the primary case is the dissipation cells is called second extra tissue coagulation. Given these distinctions in real life karbondioksidny laser is utilized, in the event that they need to accomplish the most extreme impact of skin restoration and adjusts its help, which, in any case, is connected with a higher danger of difficulties. Erbium laser has a "mindful".

Thusly, the skin is warmed partial laser treatment zone is not in the whole region, and microfractions framing a coagulative putrefaction territory of ​​about 0.2 mm and a profundity of 1.5 mm. The warming in the epidermis and coagulation happens in the lower layers, the stratum corneum of the epidermis is not generously harmed. "Sections" of coagulation rot encompassed by smolder stun zone. The last 1-3 hours after introduction to the laser discharge happens of warmth stun proteins, development elements, interleukins, forms that trigger expansion in the epidermis and dermis, and initiate intra-and extracellular proteolysis harm zone draw in safe cells, basically macrophages. Because of movement and division of the immature microorganisms of the epidermis basal layer in the region influenced is completely reestablished in 24 hours.

Keep in mind that the utilization of laser karbondioksidnogo requires anesthesia, utilizing erbium and partial laser require just surface anesthesia, however with a neodymium laser method is practically effortless and does not require any anesthesia. Determination of the sort of laser relies on upon the stream of methodology of skin inflammation in an individual patient. Considered the measure of intercession required and the length of the recuperation time frame.

The upsides of laser skin inflammation treatment

The utilization of laser for every single conceivable type of skin inflammation, at any phase of its advancement: not just can clean the skin from pathogenic microorganisms, additionally to soothe the patient from seals, irritation and swelling of the skin. Besides, it is laser treatment can reestablish metabolic procedures in the skin, fortify the union of new cells and shed dead skin.

Another preferred standpoint of laser treatment is that it gives steady, long haul reduction of the skin break out indications and does not prompt fixation.

Laser can be utilized at any area emissions of skin inflammation, the last does not influence the decision of laser strategy parameters.

Subject to the specialist's suggestions laser skin break out treatment can be performed whenever of the year. What's more, this is vital, on the grounds that regularly numerous patients intensification of skin break out are occasional in nature: in the pre winter time of their incites cool, summer - warmth and UV radiation.

As a rule, laser treatment does not bring about confusions, special cases will be cases in which the wrong determination or the patient fell under the control of unfit specialist has been put.

The vitality discharged by the laser demonstrations tender route, so after the method does not remain scars.


With laser treatment arrangement you have to remember the contraindications and constraints, with which are:




diabetes in decompensation stage;

gathering retinoids (engineered drugs vitamin An) in the most recent 6 months; anti-microbials tetracycline bunch or different meds that build the skin's affectability to light amid the previous month;

uncommon skin development and age spots, rashes non-incendiary beginning, congested scars in the zones of use of the treatment;

a wide range of herpesvirus, endless dermatoses with hindered uprightness of the skin (dermatitis, psoriasis, and so on.) in the utilization of the treatment;

perform amid the most recent 2 weeks of profound substance or mechanical skin reemerging (peeling) in the regions of proposed utilization of the laser;

holding amid the most recent 3 months of laser remedy of wrinkles or laser skin restoration in the territories of planned utilization of the laser;

infusions of collagen or other filler inside the most recent 2 weeks in the proposed application regions laser;

concentrated tan of under 4 weeks.


Since we have comprehended the way of the restorative utilization of lasers for skin break out, I think, will be all the more plainly comprehended and replies to as often as possible made inquiries identifying with this point.

Is it conceivable to join laser skin break out treatment with taking Roaccutane?

I underscore: not just can not be joined, and a time of 5-6 months in the wake of taking Roaccutane ought to be maintained a strategic distance from profound synthetic dermabrasion and laser treatment in view of the likelihood of pigmentation, as Roaccutane is a photosensitizer.

How to keep the conceivable symptoms of the medications?

Laser treatment - this is basically presentation to warmth, so postprotsedurny period may create reactions, for example, impermanent redness and swelling in the treatment zone. For instance, for 4 days after the treatment with the CO2 laser is important to dodge contact with the water shaped outside layers. Likewise, after the CO2 laser applications need three times each day to handle extreme skin (5%) arrangement of potassium permanganate. After contact with Erbium laser cleaned site for 6-7 days is treated with an anti-infection salve to the vanishing of peeling. Full recuperation is from three to eight weeks, contingent upon the profundity of granulating.

Amid this period it is important to bar the effect of UV on the skin influenced by the treatment. Obviously, this ought to tell the patient before the method, and also the conceivable feeling some distress in the treatment territory, which will speed freely. Furthermore, make certain to caution the patient that the presence of such genuine unfriendly impacts, for example, rankles, ulcers, scars or scabs, skin staining (albeit extremely uncommon, yet at the same time found!), For no situation act naturally sedate, however ought to look for medicinal counsel instantly.

Is there a cure for skin break out 1-2 medications?

No. Requires a course of laser treatment that is picked, dermatologist, contingent upon the way of skin inflammation event and attributes of the patient. The normal term of treatment is from 4 to 10 weeks, 1-2 times each week.

In the event that laser treatment, particularly in extreme types of skin break out, you have to recall what created the ailment. To accomplish full recuperation and stable impact requires a coordinated way to deal with the issue of accommodating the end of both outside and inside elements of skin break out advancement. The course of laser medicines - one of the parts of complex treatment alongside antibacterial and hormonal treatment, and after the end of this course is essential to avoid repeat.


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