Toni Morrison

Character Analysis

Extreme and forlorn, Violet is an erratic lady whose years of collected hardship at long last get up to speed with her at the age of fifty-six. Violet was raised by her mom, Climbed Dear, in Vienna, Virginia, as one of five youngsters. Her dad would leave the family for long extends of time and when the family's possessions were repossessed, Violet's mom dedicated suicide by tossing herself down a well. At the point when Violet wedded Joe Follow, she tried to escape the difficult times way of life of her youth by moving to the City. Neither she nor Joe had needed kids, yet as Violet develops more established, she starts to feel a profound yearning for something to love. Her association with Joe gets to be strained when she falls into wretchedness. When she discovers that Joe has undermined her with Dorcas, Violet tasks every last bit of her outrage, pity and dissatisfaction by slicing Dorcas' face at her burial service as she lies in her open coffin. In the months that take after, Violet hunt down peace and yearns to mend herself and her marriage, finding, at last, that she needs to "make it" by taking responsibility for bliss and declining to be a casualty.