Does poor hygiene cause acne?

It is a story that girls get skin disease as a result of they do not wash enough.

Too much laundry or cleansing the skin gratingly will create skin disease worse.

And laundry away surface oils does not do a lot of to forestall or cure

acne, as a result of it forms beneath the skin. the most effective thanks to clean the face

is to carefully wash it double every day with a gentle soap or cleaner. Be

careful to get rid of make-up while not harsh cleansing.

Can stress cause acne?

Stress doesn't cause skin disease. But, skin disease could also be a aspect result of some

medicines accustomed treat stress or depression. And in some cases, the

social and emotional impact of skin disease lesions causes stress. Talk with

your doctor if you've got considerations.

Can intake chocolate or greasy foods cause acne?

While many ladies feel that intake chocolate or greasy foods causes

acne, consultants haven't found a link between the diet and skin disease. Foods

seem to possess very little result on skin disease in the general public. But, it is important

to eat a healthy diet permanently health.

How is gentle skin disease treated?

There square measure several treatments for gentle skin disease. gentle skin disease will incorporates

whiteheads, blackheads and little pustules. At home, you'll wash

your face double per day with heat water and a delicate cleaner or

soap. Your doctor could recommend you furthermore may attempt AN over-the-counter lotion

or cream. These medicines could create your skin dry if you employ them

too much. make sure to follow the directions.

If these medicines do not work, your doctor could inflict a cream or

lotion with peroxide, resorcinol, 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, or sulfur.

Benzoyl peroxide works to cut back oil created by the glands.
Resorcinol, 2-hydroxybenzoic acid, and sulfur facilitate breakdown whiteheads and

If your skin disease doesn't bounce back once six to eight weeks, talk with

your doctor concerning ever-changing your treatment.

Can a lot of serious types of skin disease be treated?

Yes. Work along with your doctor to search out the most effective treatment for you.

Moderate to moderately severe skin disease. this sort of skin disease consists of

several whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules that cowl from

¼ to ¾ of the face and/or different elements of the body. It will be treated

with antibiotic lotions or gels, additionally as retinoic acid. Retinoic acid is

an altered type of axerophthol. It helps stop whiteheads and

blackheads. Your doctor might also inflict AN antibiotic pill, such as

erythromycin. If you are taking contraception pills to forestall physiological condition,

antibiotics will have an effect on however well they work. make sure to use a second

method of contraception with the pill, like a safety. Retinoic acid

and antibiotic pills will create the skin sensitive to the sun. So, wear

sunscreen and keep within the shade whereas exploitation them.

Severe skin disease. Severe skin disease consists of deep cysts, redness, swelling,

extreme injury to the skin and scarring. you must see a

dermatologist to worry for this sort of skin disease. Scarring will be prevented

with applicable treatments. Your skin doctor will inflict oral

antibiotics and oral contraceptives. giant inflamed cysts will be

treated with AN injection of a drug that lessens the redness, swelling,

and irritation, and promotes healing.

Your skin doctor could inflict Accutane®, if different treatments have

not worked. this can be a powerful medication which will facilitate stop scarring

and treat active sickness. But, Accutane can also cause birth defects. It

is important that you just aren't pregnant and don't attempt to get pregnant

while taking this medication. you need to use 2 strategies of contraception

at identical time. this can be in dire straits one month before treatment begins,

during treatment, and for a full month once stopping the drug. Talk

with your skin doctor concerning once it's safe to urge pregnant. Other

side effects of this drug could embody dry eyes, itching, mood changes,

and changes within the blood and liver. You and your skin doctor will

decide whether or not this medication is true for you supported the professionals and

cons. Use any prescribed medication specifically as you're suggested. Taking

more medication than you're purported to take could create skin disease or your

general health worse. raise your doctor what to try to to if you miss a dose.

Some giant cysts don't reply to medication and should have to be compelled to be

drained or removed. Your skin doctor is that the solely one that ought to

drain or take away these. you must ne'er attempt to drain or take away your

acne by compression or selecting. this will cause infection, worsen your

acne, and cause scarring.

Overall, if you do not see a modification in your skin in six to eight weeks,

talk along with your doctor concerning your treatment arrange.